McD Burger Build Off

Role: Design

Burger Build Off is a McDonald’s contest that gives Chicagoland residents the opportunity to create their own virtual burger. After several rounds of voting from the public and a selected panel of judges, a winner is picked, crowning the tastiest burger. 

Brought in on the tail end of the campaign, my role included creating awareness of the two selected burgers by way of OOH (bus shelter posters) and digital (microsite, banners, site skins, and twitter posts). Particularly, the microsite was used to thank all participants as well as give viewers a general timeline of how the contest progressed to the two finalists. The timeline was created with an infographic approach, ending the page with a visual detailing the ingredients of the two final burgers.

Team: (CD) Chuck Rachford, (CW) Jeffrey Oswald, (AD) Stacy Randolph, (CW) Casey Stern

mac temp b-bbo 01b.jpg
McD_BBO splashpage 4b.jpg