Revive Chicago

Role: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design / Photography

Revive Chicago is a typography-based poster series that tackles some realities behind the city’s gun violence.

"[…] Using a nonchalant, irreverent tone throughout the series was essential to illustrate the current desensitized nature of the people that call these penurious areas of Chicago home. But also, I wanted to use controversy as a tool to engage the audience’s attention. The content of each poster represents youth culture, using prevalent clichés and pop culture references, while the imagery used is very commercially inspired, representative of the outside of the box looking in, or rather, the population that isn’t directly affected by this issue. This series isn’t only for those who are unaware of the facts presented by the posters but also to reinvigorate those who currently live under such conditions to take action or at least to continue asking questions."

revive poster intro1.jpg
revive poster series display 1.jpg
revive poster series display 3.jpg
revive poster series display 4.jpg
revive poster series display 2.jpg