McD Times Square

Role: Design / Art Direction

Atop their new flagship restaurant, McDonald's built the largest billboard dedicated to a single brand in Times Square. We were tasked with filling it with 24/7 content, leveraging the new visual identity that they unveiled in 2018. With the help of post house Brand New School, we created custom animations to celebrate every season, holiday, or cultural event we could think of. The compilation of animated content is a 2019 winner of D&AD’s wooden pencil for campaign branding & identity.

Team: (CD) Mark Wegwerth, (ACD) David Stevanov, (ACD) Augustus Sung, (AD) Allison Bulow, (AD) Georgia Taylor, (AD) Candice Schlax, (AD) Emily Walton, (CW) Kristen Manias, (CW) Sarah Dembkowski, (CW) Kevin Murray, (CW) Brandon Zach, (CW) Kurt Monette, (CW) Sarah Uchison, (CW) Michael Webber